Friday, June 7, 2013

4th Grade - Picasso Portraits - Quarter 4 2013

To end the year, the fourth graders completed self-portraits inspired by artist Pablo Picasso. Using only cut paper, students were challenged to represent themselves in creative ways. Each student started with a fun face shape that included a profile. After that, details were added. Our mantra for this project was, "The wackier the better!" Be sure to check out the program Picasso Head under the "Make Art Online" tab if you'd like to make art like Picasso! 

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  1. I recently retired as the principal of a small Catholic School. I am now working out of the church offices and our pastor has asked me to teach at least one art class a week. I am an ardent crafter and have painted using oils and watercolors and am currently exploring the world of Zentangle. I am a teacher but have never taught ART to students. I will be working with K-8 students and I wish you integrate with the curriculum.