Friday, May 31, 2013

2nd Grade - Clay Cartouche - Quarter 4 2013

To go along with their study of ancient Egypt, second graders have made these cool clay cartouches. A cartouche is an ancient Egyptian name design. Each student was challenged to write his or her name using hieroglyphics and to create a decorative border around the name. After they came out of the kiln, the students painted their cartouches with metallic tempera paint.


  1. Gorgeous results, fantastic learning, and so simple! what an excellent lesson! thank you so much for sharing all of your resources here with us. I have found your blog and shared much of it on my Google Plus Account! I'd love to know however, if you will be continuing to blog, or where you might blog and share NOW?
    Jeanine from Canada

    1. Thanks, Jeanine! I'm now the editor and write articles for The Art of Education: :)