Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First Days of Art - 2012

Hello Brooklyn students and families!

Before I delve into talking about our first main projects this year, I wanted to update you about what has been going on in the art room.

The students are settling in very nicely and have completed a few introductory projects to get back into the swing of things.

First up, students made portfolios. Each student filled out the front which helped us get to know each other better. The back of the portfolio has room for us to add things as we learn new art concepts. I think they are going to be a great tool!

The second class for kindergartners and first graders was used to explore some of the art materials we will use this year. Students got to do a variety of activities including painting, building with shape blocks, and trying out some new games we have in the art room.

All students K through 4 then completed "Paintbrush Boot Camp" where they learned the proper way to use and take care of a paintbrush. Kindergartners and First Graders explored color mixing, while Second, Third and Fourth graders reviewed mixing the secondary colors from the primary colors. 

It was a fun way to instill good art practices. You can watch the Paintbrush Boot Camp video right here!



  1. Cool website Mrs.Heyen.

  2. Glad you liked it, Seth! Nice job figuring out how to comment on the blog :)

  3. I showed Seth how to comment on your blog.

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  5. That was an AWESOME video!

  6. This is a great tool to show kids how to use a paintbrush properly! I showed it to all my classes last year and they loved it! I would love to make my own version and hope you don't mind me borrowing your script! Please let me know if that is okay? LOVE this!

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  8. so sad that I can't get to the video here anymore! Can you let me know if it will be back on soon? I use it all the time!