Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fourth Grade - 4th Quarter 2011

Fourth graders have been very busy this fourth quarter! Check out all of their cool projects below.

Color Spinner

To go along with Pioneer Days, students made color spinners, a take on the old time spinner toy made with button and string. Students colored each side of their spinner with two colors. The colors mixed as the spinner was spun. Fun!

As a longer project to accompany Pioneer Days, each student created a Rosemaling Design, a traditional floral design from Norway. Instead of the traditional paint, students used glitter scratch-art paper for a fun twist. Unfortunately, taking a photo of a glittery design is near impossible. I hope your child brought his or hers home! 

After such an intense project, students needed a relaxing day in the art room. Enter zentangling, a form of drawing meant to relax students and increase their focus. Students had a great time creating their zentangles!

Picasso Head - Computer Lab
Students next started a study of Picasso, an artist that made cubism famous (learn more about him here). Ask your student about the Blue Period and the Rose Period!  The first two days were spent in the computer lab working with a program called Picasso Head. Students played around with many shapes and colors to create unique and wacky faces. 

Picasso Collages
Our main Picasso project was a self-portrait Picasso collage. Each student had to interpret himself or herself in the style of Picasso.  Using only cut paper, students worked with shape and line to create these colorful faces.

Gesture Drawing
As a fun end to working with the face and body in an interesting way, students did a day of gesture drawing. Gesture drawing is a way of quickly capturing what the body looks like. Students modeled silly poses and drew each other. The students had a blast doing this and got in some great drawing practice!

Our last main project in the art room was making a small sketchbook that students can use over the summer. We discussed why artists use sketchbooks (to collect ideas, to practice drawing, to use for drawing outside, etc...) and then created some cool paper for the covers using oil pastels and watery paint. The second class was spent weaving the covers and assembling the sketchbooks. I hope they get lots of use this summer!

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