Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Art Opportunities

Hello BKE students and families! Wow- what a great end to the 2012-2013 school year. I can definitely say that this has been my favorite year teaching at Brooklyn. While Mr. Heyn and I are very excited to meet Baby Heyn this fall, I will definitely miss seeing all of your smiling faces when school starts back up. Be sure to check back this fall for a Baby Heyn update and feel free to keep in touch through the blog. 

If you're looking to do some art over the summer (and I hope you are!) please check out the following resources. 

1. Masterpiece Mondays and Free Art Fridays
Last summer, I ran a few fun activities through the blog. If you'd like some inspiration for art activities you can easily do at home, check out the Masterpiece Monday posts from last year by clicking here. If you'd like to find some FREE places to go see art around the area, check out the Free Art Fridays posts from last year here

2. Places to Make Art This Summer

Below I've listed two great resources in Madison that offer art enrichment for kids. Click on each to learn more. 

Monroe Street FIne Arts Center

Madison Children's Museum
(In addition to the art studio that is part of the museum, you might be especially interested in the Clay Creation class that runs on Fridays until mid-summer. Check out the Education Programs tab to learn more!)

4th Grade - Picasso Portraits - Quarter 4 2013

To end the year, the fourth graders completed self-portraits inspired by artist Pablo Picasso. Using only cut paper, students were challenged to represent themselves in creative ways. Each student started with a fun face shape that included a profile. After that, details were added. Our mantra for this project was, "The wackier the better!" Be sure to check out the program Picasso Head under the "Make Art Online" tab if you'd like to make art like Picasso! 

3rd Grade - Metal Tooling - Quarter 4 2013

To end the year, third graders did a fun cross-curricular project about outer space. The project started with each student making a space vehicle out of a thin sheet of metal using tooling techniques. The second step was to create an outer space background using oil pastels. The students could draw on their knowledge from their recent study of space, or could make up their own planets. We attached the ships to the background with 3D-Os to make things look a bit 3D.

3rd Grade - Henna Hands - Quarter 4 2013

At the end of the year, the third graders traveled to India in the art room to learn about the tradition of henna. The students discussed how in India, henna designs are applied to the hands during special occasions like weddings. Students viewed examples and learned that while the designs are beautiful, they are also often meaningful. Using this knowledge, students came up with various designs and symbols to represent themselves. Then, the students used these symbols to create beautiful henna hand designs. As a final step, students used paint to add color around their hands. Beautiful!

1st Grade - Color Wheel Creatures - Quarter 4 2013

To learn about the color wheel, first graders completed some fun color wheel creatures in the art room. On the first day, students reviewed color mixing and learned how the color wheel can be a great tool for artists to know about. Each student then painted his or her own color wheel. On the second day, students cut out their color wheels, glued them to larger pieces of paper and turned them into creatures. Students had a lot of fun using their imaginations!

Friday, May 31, 2013

2nd Grade - Clay Cartouche - Quarter 4 2013

To go along with their study of ancient Egypt, second graders have made these cool clay cartouches. A cartouche is an ancient Egyptian name design. Each student was challenged to write his or her name using hieroglyphics and to create a decorative border around the name. After they came out of the kiln, the students painted their cartouches with metallic tempera paint.

4th Grade - Gradient Ice Cream Cones - Quarter 4 2013

Inspired by this blog post, the fourth graders created some delicious ice cream cone paintings in the art room. This lesson taught about tints (adding white to a color) and shades (adding black to a color). On the first day, students painted two pieces of paper, one with tints and one with shades. On the second day, students created a gradient ice cream cone using their painted paper as collage material. Yum! 

Kindergarten - Primary Pattern Paintings - Quarter 4 2013

As a nice review for the end of the year, kindergartners created these beautiful watercolor resist pieces. After reviewing line, shape and primary color, each student was challenged to create a piece incorporating their favorite lines and shapes. We started with oil pastel and finished with tempera paint, being careful to only use red, yellow and blue. Beautiful! 

1st Grade - Geometric Robots - Quarter 4 2013

  First graders just finished up this fun robot project. On day one, we learned about geometric shapes, shapes that have exact edges that you might see in math class. The students brainstormed all the different geometric shapes they knew. I was impressed when I heard first graders shouting out "trapezoid!" and "rhombus!" Then, each student created the main shape of his or her robot using ONLY geometric shapes. On the second day of our project, students decorated their robots with fun details, thinking about what their robots might be used for.

1st Grade - Neon Suns - Quarter 4 2013

First graders created these beautiful Neon Suns as a follow up to their golden mosaic suns. We read the book Arrow to the Sun by Gerald McDermott for inspiration. The students noticed how McDermott used a lot of contrast in his illustrations, very bright colors next to very dark colors. Each student came up with an original sun design, painted it in with neon colors, then added black outlines to make everything pop.